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Well that was unexpected!

Imagine the scene, it's an ordinary Thursday morning and all is well....

I'm on the phone to Clare having our usual morning chat about the rescue and what's been happening overnight.

Clare is down at the farm with our volunteer Matt...... when I hear him yell

''CLARE, we have 2 lambs!!''

Sheep & Lambs
Mom Molly, with babies Craig (white) and Matt (black)

This is where the conversation gets interesting, so I'll do my best to relay it:

Clare: ''What?''

Matt: ''We have 2 lambs.. a black one and a white one''

Clare: ''Don't be saft, we have no boys!''

Matt: ''Clare, I can SEE THEM, we have 2 lambs, Molly has had TWINS''

Me: ''Erm Clare, what the hell?''

Clare: ''Gemma, I'll call you back!''

So Clare disappears for a bit, but from what she tells me a few minutes later, she scrambles through some bushes, slips down the hill on her bottom, peers round the corner expecting to see two chickens and is about to make fun of Matt.... but nope, two lambs and the very obvious signs that Molly has just given birth to twins!

So she video calls me, and I see the two cutest little lambs!

We then have a 15 minute call about who could be the Daddy? I mean, we have no entire boys, so she CAN'T have gotten pregnant.

We have sheep in the field next to us and one ram, but we've been told he was neutered..... so where have our miracle babies come from?

Turns out, another well meaning volunteer saw an escaped ''sheep'' and thought it was one of ours, so she ushered ''her'' happily back into our field. A few hours later she realises it's not one of ours and gets ''her'' back out!

So yeah, ''she'' was actually a ''he'' and he's quite good at becoming a Daddy apparently. We can't tell you what his name is, as this is a family page  but his initials are 'CB'

Well.. at least that solves that mystery, we just have to hope he only caught Molly  otherwise we'll be welcoming a few more little ''Miracle Babies'' to the Wings and Paws Farm over the coming days!

On a side note, we are a little smug... the little white male lamb is very rare indeed. He's a pure white Hebridean and 'CB's' owners are quite jealous

Don't worry little ones, you're guaranteed a lifetime of luxury and love with us

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