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Stella's Story - Part 2

French Bulldog Frenchie
Stella saying hi for the camera

Hi everyone, Stella here, I thought you’d all enjoy a bit of an update from me now I’ve settled into my foster home.

So the last time I wrote to you all it was a very sad story  my family who I had loved for all my life had left me at the vets when I had to have a caesarean. I gave birth to four beautiful little puppies but was confused why I’d gone ‘home’ with a strange family instead of my own

Well it’s coming up to 3 weeks now since we came here and I have to say, I feel like a bit of a princess….. a very tired princess…. But a princess all the same!

My foster family are wonderful, they give me cuddles and tell me I’m such a good mama all the time. They have given me some things called toys, I’m actually not sure what they’re for, they say I can play with them if I want to, but I don’t know what that means. They don’t think I ever had toys before I came here.

The puppies are growing every day, at 3 weeks old (almost) they are like little milk drinking, pooping machines that whinge a lot. This is why I’m tired, I have to feed them and clean up all their poop many many many times a day! It’s exhausting. My boobies are sore and my tongue aches from all the hard work! I didn’t know being a Mama would be so hard.

My foster Mommy Faye says some poor doggies have to have litter after litter of puppies, which is really sad. They must be super mamas. She tells me that if I’d stayed with my other family, then they’d probably already be looking at when I could have my next set of babies!! Thankfully my other foster Mommy Ruth says I’ll never have to have any more babies ever again, that once these 4 of mine are grown up enough, that I can go live somewhere wonderful for ever and ever and I’ll be treated like the princess I am! I’m not sure how to feel about that…. I love my foster family, I’m not sure I could ever find a home better than this, but they say I will and I’ll be the happiest doggy ever there!

Did I mention the puppies are hard work?  Well they are! I love them very much but all they want all day is milk! So I do my very best to escape the whelping pen whenever I can. The other day I managed to escape in the middle of the night and crawled into my foster Brother Jacob’s bed with him. Jacob gives the best cuddles, so really I don’t know why he said I had to go back to the puppies for the night!

Faye, Ruth and Jacob really do look after me, they give me my freedom from the puppies lots of times a day, and I have met some of the other pets in their house. Some of them apparently always live there, and some of them are just ‘’passing through’’ like me and the babies!

Ash & Stella

My favourite doggy playmate is Ash, he’s quite big for a doggy, but he’s very gentle and I like him a lot. He gives good cuddles and knows to be calm around me because I'm still quite sore. I’ve met Eric, he’s a Frenchie like me, lots of other doggies and also a Parrot!  I have also met some CATS… yes cats!! Faye says she doesn’t care what I’ve heard.. cats are our friends! So me and Delta (one of the cats) have become good buddies too. Delta gives good cuddles too!

Cat & Dog
Delta & Stella

So, that’s my story up to date now, I suppose I’d better get back to the puppies and feed them again! A Mama’s work never done!

If you’d like to read part one of Stella’s story, you can see it here:

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