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Hi, my name is Stella and this is my story

Part One.

French Bulldog Frenchie

When I was just 8 weeks old a family came to visit me, they liked me so much they decided to take me home with them. They loved me, they played with me, I was a puppy and I had a lovely life.

Then it was my birthday and I was one year old, my family told me I was going to become a Mom, and so I met this lovely male doggy.

Shortly after meeting this lovely lad, I think around 63 days later, I started to feel unwell, my tummy hurt quite badly, but it was ok, my family was there and I knew they'd look after me. I became a mom and gave birth to two puppies!

Then things started to go wrong, I couldn't get the next puppy out, my family started to panic and I got scared, they said ''we need to take her to the vets'', so my family put me and my puppies in the car and drove me to the vets, which I believe is a bit like a hospital and there are Drs there. I then heard one of the staff say that one of my babies was stuck and that I needed an operation. Now I started to get really scared. I heard my family saying that they couldn't afford the operation and the only thing they could do was put me to sleep. That meant end my life! I was so worried about my babies, who would look after them if my life ended?

A lovely vet nurse called Katie said to me she was going to see what she could do, to save my life and my babies, and then she left the room. She came back in, then left again. Then she came in with a smile on her face and told the vet to go ahead with the operation as she'd secured a rescue space for me. I didn't really understand what she meant, but I was so happy my life was not going to end and my babies would be safe.

Sadly I lost baby number 3, after this I got a bit sleepy and when I woke up about 40 minutes later the vet told me that I'd had 4 healthy babies but couldn't yet see them, and they put me in a kennel for about 2 hours so I could rest and start to feel better.

I then heard that I was going home... I was SO EXCITED, I was going home and was going to see my family!!

French Bulldog Puppies
Puppies Aston, Bentley, Mercedes & McLaren

They took me into a small room which I believe is called a consult room, they opened the door and I ran out and looked everywhere, I was a bit confused, there were 3 ladies there I didn't know, so I ran back into the consult room thinking ''they're not my family''..... but they were all calling me saying ''Stella Stella, come on good girl'' they vet told me I was going home with these ladies and my babies were too, I was very scared for me and my babies future. I was carried to the car and another lady carried my babies to the same car. We then drove to a home, I looked about and thought ''this isn't my home'', but the ladies from Wings and Paws seemed nice, so I wasn't too worried.

They set up what is called a whelping box up and put my puppies in there, I was very anxious to get in there with them and check on them, so they put me in there too. I knew my babies hadn't been fed so I lay straight on my side and let them feed.

The Wings and Paws ladies said I was such a good Mama.

Then a lady called Ruth came in with some food, some yummy chicken. While I was feeding my puppies another lady called Faye sat in the box with me and fed me pieces of the yummy chicken, it was luxury really. She then offered me a drink which I was desperate for and gulped it down, she took it away for a bit saying I couldn't drink so much so quickly. She then gave it back and I had a little more.

As I was feeding my babies I looked around the room at the faces, looking at each one of them, they were all looking at me and smiling, I was a little scared, but after being fed and having a drink I felt quite happy and my babies seemed to be safe. They kept telling me I was a very good Mom and that me and my babies were going to be safe.

They tell me I've also been spayed, so there will be no more babies for me - thank goodness!

French Bulldog and Puppies
Stella & her Babies

They now tell me the next 6-8 weeks is going to be a hard graft, but I'm willing to put the time in as they seem to be so sure that I will find a really good home afterwards and my puppies will be looked after too thanks to Wings and Paws.

They've also told me that lots of people have donated money to help save my life and I cannot thank them enough.

Lots of love, Stella x

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