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Why adopt an adult cat?

Kittens are always in demand, and we generally rehome them incredibly quickly.... they're small, cute and fluffy afterall!!

But we also have a large number of adult cats that come through the doors of Wings and Paws Rescue, who are often a little more difficult to rehome – generally because they’re just not as ‘cute’ as a kitten can be.

Two of our previously adopted cats Missy & Montana

So, we thought we’d give you a list of reasons why a cat can quite often, be a much better option.

  • Adult cats are already litter trained (so no ‘presents’ in your shoes!).

  • They are much less likely to use your furniture as a scratching post.

  • Older cats aren’t so interested in climbing your curtains.

  • They’re not interested in using your leg as a climbing pole either!

  • Cats are generally a lot calmer and less likely to get into any trouble (no guarantees of this though!)

  • They are more tolerant around children (although we don’t re-home to families with children under six years old).

  • Kittens’ claws are very sharp!

  • Rescue cats deserve a second chance, it’s very rarely their fault they’ve needed rescuing.

  • They will give you unconditional love, because they are so grateful you saved them.

  • Adult cats from Wings and Paws Rescue have already been neutered, vaccinated and chipped – so there’s no worries there either.

Are you thinking about getting a kitten? Do you have the time and patience at the moment, or would a slightly older cat be more suitable?

Why not take a look at our ‘Adopt Me’ page, which is updated regularly with our current animals in care. Here you’ll see our current cats Hermione and Luna, Jo and Jackie and also Jazz. They are all beautiful young adult cats looking for their purr-fect homes. Can you help them?

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