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Why you should vaccinate your pets

Cat receiving vaccination
Vaccination Time

Just like humans, immunisations in animals are so important and vital to the health and wellbeing of your beloved pet.

We have recently heard of two young puppies who contracted the very nasty disease Parvovirus which is highly contagious and extremely resilient. It causes diarrhoea and vomiting and the survival rate in untreated animals is very poor.

Despite the very best care and attention from a local vet, neither of these puppies could be saved and they both sadly passed away. If these puppies had been vaccinated or kept isolated from the outside world until they had been, the chances are those guys would still be alive.

Protect your pet

Vaccinating your new best friend is one of the most important things you should do in your first few weeks as an owner and then throughout the animal’s life.

Regular immunisations help puppies and kittens grow into dogs and cats who remain free of infectious diseases and also prevents them from passing anything on to other animals. Vaccinations help protect your beloved pet from several highly contagious diseases such as canine distemper, parvovirus infection and respiratory tract infections, which can be passed on simply from going on a walk, sharing a cage, drinking from another animal’s bowl or even from a wet nose.

It's not just the animal that spreads the virus

Not just animal to animal, the Parvovirus virus in particular can live on surfaces, in soil or even on a shoe etc for years unless properly cleaned - it can also survive extreme heat! This means if another dog sniffs or licks a surface with the virus on, long after another dog has been there, then they will more than likely pick up the disease too.

Regular annual boosters are also very important for the continuing health and happiness of your furry friend.

Wings and Paws Rescue take vaccinations very seriously. None of our animals will leave our care unless they are fully up-to-date with their jabs, and we always suggest that the new owners continue to have annual inoculations throughout the animals life.

Immunisations only protect your pet for around a year, so it’s really important to be on the ball with your best friend’s health and get them booked in for a jab once a year. If you’re unsure if your pet is protected, contact your vet, who will be able to advise you.

Pics of our most recent young additions to Wings and Paws, who will all be vaccinated before they leave our care.

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