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What to do if you find a Stray or Injured Bird

It's unfortunately that time of year when we get inundated with calls and messages about wild birds needing help as they are young and falling from nests.

We get dozens of cries for help each day. We really do hate saying no, but sadly, as much as we'd love to be able to help, we just don't have room for any and are not equipped to take them in.

The RSPB have a useful website which gives you all the info you need to help:

If the bird is injured, take it to a vet, if not, have a read of the above.

A white racing pigeon amongst grey pigeons
Racing Pigeon

You might have found yourself with a lost racing pigeon instead, whether it is injured or simply in need of a rest, you can find all the useful information you need here:

Cuan Wildlife Rescue may be able to help if after reading all this you still need help. You can find their details here:

Thank you for caring for the birds and local wildlife. We hope this has been helpful.

Thank you.

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