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Sid - From feral to much loved farm cat

Updated: Jul 7

(Warning, this blog contains graphic images of injury)

Cat being held by his owner

In October 2019 Wings & Paws Rescue received a call from a lovely lady who was concerned about the wellbeing of what appeared to be, a very injured cat. Unfortunately, the cat was feral and did not trust humans one little bit, despite being in obvious need of help.

The cat refused to be trapped but the lady went to him each day over several weeks to feed him and try to gain his trust. Finally, she managed to get him contained in a cat box, but he was not happy about it at all.

When we arrived, he was wild and more like a savage lion than a kitty cat, but the injuries on his neck and back were horrific and looked infected – we needed to get him some help straight away.

So, he was rushed straight to the vets to have his wounds looked at. The vet had to anesthetise him just to be able to clean him up due to how he hated to be handled, then he prescribed antibiotics and steroids to help clear the infection.

It felt like a thankless task

Due to him being so ferocious, we were unable to go anywhere near him. But every two weeks he had to be contained, taken to the vet and anaesthetised again so they could clean the wound and administer more steroids and more antibiotics. He did not thank us for it!

With somewhere dry and safe to sleep, we decided to get his blood tested to make sure he didn’t have any diseases. Amazingly he came back with the all clear - not a single thing wrong with him (except for the very nasty infected wound).

Luckily with time, patience and lots of vet visits there was a visible improvement each time he was treated.

Costs spiral to almost 2K

It took over 12 months and £1900 to fully treat and heal his injuries, but we believe it was worth it, as we knew he had most likely spent his entire life fighting for food and trying to stay safe ‑ he deserved a little care and attention.

Every animal deserves a name

We decided to call him Sid, as we believe it’s important to give all animals names - even the feral ones and eventually, once he was clear of any infections, we found him a lovely home on a farm, with the intention of him living his life as a feral cat, hunting mice and rats in return for somewhere safe and warm to live - and regular cat food!

Now, when people think of feral farm cats, we think they sometimes misunderstand the lives they lead. Most feral cats DO NOT want human company, in fact to force this is cruel in our opinion as it stresses them out and makes them very agitated. In contrast, life on a farm (or smallholding in other cases) is perfect for them as they get to do what nature encourages them to do – hunt. They keep the rodent population down ensuring that the crops and animals kept on the farm are safe (rats will kill chickens/ducks etc if given the chance). The cats also recognise after time that this is home, that they are safe, warm and cared for. They get food and water daily and to be honest, they really do live their best lives! Some farms even provide fresh warm cow’s milk for them! What else could they ask for?!

The ‘purrfect’ ending for Sid - From Feral to Farm Cat

So, Sid moved onto his farm with another feral cat called Rose and this week we received an update from his new owners on the farm.

Sid being held by his owner
Sid being held by his adoptive human Sister

We couldn't believe it! Just look at him now, he can be picked up and really enjoys cuddles off his adoptive human Sister. He's doing his job as chief rodent catcher but has also learnt how to be a loved and spoilt cat too! The purrfect happily-ever-after for Sid.

Just goes to show, no matter the cost, no matter the time involved, no matter how vicious or wild they may be - here at Wings and Paws we believe every life is worth saving and little Sid is proof of just that. We could not be happier for him and his new friend Rose.

We would like to add a huge thank you to the kind-hearted lady who contacted us about Sid in the first place, without her dedication and time, Sid would never have been caught and would have died a painful death due to infection!

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