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Scarface - From Scary Feral to Much Loved House Cat - My Story!

Hello, my name's Scarface and two years ago today I moved into my furever foster home... let me tell you a bit about myself and my journey.

I was rescued from life on the streets by the lovely ladies at Wings and Paws Rescue, I was covered in scars from fighting for survival and I have something called FIV and FCOV because of this. I hadn't had the best experience with people up until then and to be honest I was a bit of a mean cat to them. I spat, bit and clawed at anyone who came near me - they forgave me as they knew I was just frightened and hadn't yet worked out that not everyone is a danger to me, but I'd been labeled 'Semi Feral' and they kept their distance from me. Anyway, while I recovered from my wounds I was kept in a nice warm cat pen and was well fed. Although I wouldn't allow anyone in my pen, I appreciated the food and warmth.

This is me when I first arrived

One of the Wings and Paws Volunteers 'Alex' was unaware of my vicious temperament and one day came plodding into my cat pen chatting away to me without a care in the world! And suddenly I thought to myself ''ooh, I like this one'' so I decided she could give me a pat on the head and I'd purr away and wind between her legs. When Clare the CEO saw this she was gobsmacked to say the least.... so Alex and Clare hatched a plan to move me into my very own deluxe cat pen at the bottom of Alex and her Mom's garden (Alex's Mom is also a volunteer). Being the sucker for a sad tale that she was, Alex's Mom 'Gemma' agreed and the Scarface Cat Pen Penthouse Extraordinaire was built. It had lights and a heater and I was quite happy in there. I had (luckily) decided that Alex's Mom was alright too (in my defense she looks a lot like Alex and I hadn't noticed she wasn't her till it was too late and I'd already purred at her) and as of yet they'd not been silly enough to try to touch me other than a head scritch.

Anyway, like I said, I kind of liked them both and the cat pen was much nicer than life as a feral stray, so over the next few weeks I made myself at home. Did you know that sometimes if you're a good cat you get Tuna for lunch?

Then the typical UK Winter hit and it got very cold, it was snowing and everything was frozen over. I didn't really mind so much, my pen had a heater and lots of lovely blankets and it was a million times better than my last winter fighting just to survive. But - did I mention they're soft and suckers for a sad face? Alex and her Mom felt terrible I was outside in the cold, as they put it ''Just because he CAN survive outside, doesn't mean he SHOULD'' so in secret without telling anyone else at Wings and Paws they managed to trick me into the cat carrier and brought me into the house ''just until the snow melts''. Hahah, as if I was going back outside once I'd seen the inside.

My foster family have 3 dogs of their own, plus they foster others in need too. So the only room spare away from the barking machines was an upstairs bedroom, so carefully they transferred me into a XL Dog Crate, set up with my bed, food and some toys and hoped I'd be ok and not too stressed indoors. After a night or two of being only a little cranky and with no sign of warmer weather I was cautiously let out of the crate and given free roam of Mom's bedroom.

The first few night were a bit uneasy, I was scared, Mom was scared (ok ok, so maybe I still sometimes bit if I was startled... but I never actually hurt her) and we slept on opposite sides of the room. Then a couple of nights in I decided that the bed she slept in looked pretty comfy and she was kind of nice, so I bravely decided to sleep in the bottom corner. Haha, Mom kept so still that night she was so scared to move!

Me on the bed

Over time I became more and more happy with my new life, my Dad moved in and he LOVES me so much and I LOVE him even more.

Me and My Dad

Alex has gone off to somewhere called university now, I'm not sure exactly where that is, but she still visits often and brings me Dreamies which are my absolute favourite. I love to look out of the window and watch the world go by (you'd be surprised at the silly noises I can make the dogs do if they see me, ahahah) and I spend every night curled up on Mom or Dad's pillow with them.

Mom loves it when I let her share my pillow

I'm still a bit nervous of strangers, and the other day I ''accidentally'' bit the estate agent who was stupid enough to wiggle his fingers at me, but I LOVE my foster family and I'm quite fond of my Nanny and Grandad too who sometimes come to visit me.

Mom and Dad are moving house soon, I plan on being a pain during the move, but apparently I'm getting the whole upstairs at the new house, so that should be fun to explore!

So that's me and my story, I'm a reminder that every animal deserves a second chance and that every single animal is worthy of love. With the right amount of time, patience and above all else love even the grumpiest of cats can find his forever home.

Just for the record though - I'm definitely NOT a lap cat! Lap cats are cuddly and an embarrassment to cats everywhere...... I am a big vicious scary cat.....

Ok ok, you've got me sussed..... I'm Mom and Dad's cuddly lap cat, but don't tell anyone!

Wings and Paws Rescue would like to thank Scarface's sponsor Alison Seawright for her monthly donation which enables us to give Scarface the love and care he needs and to Abigail and Lucky who sponsor Scarface's old cat pet which is still very much in use by other cats in need! Thank you x

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