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Something we get asked all the time when people apply to adopt one of our dogs is ''why does my dog need to be neutered?'' So we thought it worthwhile to spend some time explaining our very strict stance on this.

Firstly, let us be clear - this rule will never be broken, we understand the different circumstances, we know that dogs need to be done at the right time, but it's one area we will not budge on. If your dog is not neutered/spayed we will not rehome with you!

So why not?

Firstly, for mixed sex houses.

If you own an unneutered male dog and we rehome a female dog with you - they WILL want to mate her, and to be perfectly honest - we don't want our girls going through that. They are rescues, they have been through enough without having the threat of a male chasing after them in the home that is supposed to be their sanctuary. Remember, a lot of our female dogs come from ex-breeders.. we've had them spayed and promised them that life is over for them - we think they've had quite enough of that and we won't subject them to it ever again.

If you own an unspayed female dog and we rehome a male dog with you, we cannot guarantee the safety of your female. Although ALL our dogs are spayed/neutered before we rehome them, a male dog who has previously mated WILL still be affected by your female's hormones and scent. This would be cruel and drive both dogs bonkers, as each time she comes into season he'll be following her around and annoying her - and this is when fights can happen.

Secondly, for same sex houses

These are the most dangerous homes in our opinion!

A home with 2 (or more) females is a home full of hormones, but add into that the unsettled atmosphere of a female in season and you're talking mood swings and temper tantrums. Think teenage girls arguing and you get the picture. Unspayed female dogs WILL FIGHT and sometimes this is to the death. We have seen the sweetest, calmest, most lovely female dogs attack another female so viciously it is incomprehensible to understand. It's like a switch has been flipped, both dogs want to be in charge of the home and the fight is nasty! As a rescue we have sadly been here too many times and picked up the pieces from other people who have allowed this situation to happen to ever risk it with one of our own girls.

On the same cautionary tale, a home with 2 (or more) males is like the dog version of a ''who's got the biggest muscles'' competition in your teenage high school changing rooms. Boys fight for dominance, and they fight with the full intention of doing as much damage as possible and eliminating the competition. Again, we've been here, seen it, bought the t-shirt and picked up the pieces afterwards - we are just not prepared to risk it.

But my dog is friendly, he/she is always nice to other dogs!

We're sure they are, and we are sure they are wonderful loving dogs who love their doggy friends. But the difference is they don't share their home and their family with those dogs. Add jealousy and competition for affection and pack hierarchy into the mix and it's a recipe for disaster!

We're really not insulting your home, your ability as an owner or your dog - these are just the facts of having more than one dog in the home.

So what can I do?

How can I rehome a rescue dog?

Simple - get your dog neutered, allow them time to recover and then contact us again!

Until this is done, we will not consider you, and neither will any other reputable rescue

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