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Choosing to Adopt from Wings and Paws Rescue: A Decision That Matters!

Updated: Jul 6

A selection of different dog breeds

Why should you adopt a dog from Wings and Paws Rescue, why not use a cheaper rescue or go to a breeder?

🐶 When you adopt from Wings and Paws Rescue you can be reassured that all our dogs are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, vet/health checked, flea and worm treated. They all come with 5 weeks free insurance. This is on top of any medical treatment they may have undergone in our care too!

🐶 All our animals come with full rescue backup for LIFE - this means that no matter what life throws at you, we will be there to support you and your new furbaby for their rest of their lives. Whether that is offering support and advice, or taking them back into our care should you no longer be able to care for them.

💸 Some say our adoption fees might seem steep, but let's break it down. When you tally up the comprehensive package your fluffy companion arrives with, you'll realize it's a small investment in a lifetime of joy.

❤ At Wings and Paws, we're a team of passionate volunteers. We're powered by donations from caring individuals like you. Your adoption contribution isn't just a fee – it's the lifeline that lets us rescue the next precious soul in need.

💸 Now, we understand that the adoption donation might seem significant upfront. But think ahead – if you can't manage this cost, how will you navigate the potential vet bills that come along with pet parenthood? Even the best insurance requires you to pay first and claim later.

💸 Many other rescues are 'cheaper' yes - but they don't come with all the benefits and lifetime support that we offer. We've done everything in our power to ensure your dog is the happiest and healthiest they can be before they come to your home.

🐶 Remember, these dogs have been a part of our lives while they've been in our care. They live in our homes, with our pets and families. They're not kept in kennels. So we REALLY know what kind of dog they are and what kind of home they need. There will be no surprises and we rarely have a dog returned to us for being unsuitable. So we're pretty sure what we're doing is the right thing!

🐾 Our stance is clear: pets are a privilege, not just a checkbox. The responsibility of caring for a furry friend extends beyond finances. If the financial commitment isn't feasible, it's worth considering if now is the right time.

Wings and Paws dog waiting to be adopted
Suitcase packed ready for a home

Let's stand together for the well-being of our four-legged companions.
Choose wisely, adopt responsibly.

View the animals we have available to adopt, or if adoption is not right for you perhaps consider sponsoring one of our long-term residents instead?

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