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Amber: Time to breathe easy

Updated: Jul 7

Amber the English Bulldog sleeping

Amber came to us as an ex breeding dog having had several litters. She had a bad case of entropion (eyelids that turn inwards and irritate the eyes) and had dry eye caused from having cherry eye removed badly in a previous operation, which has caused her to have ulcerated eyes. At only 4 years old Amber had the air of a dog who had given up on life.

Her foster family took her in and spent the first few weeks just convincing her that life could be fun and full of love and cuddles. It didn't take long for her to become one of the most loving and friendly dogs her foster family have ever seen.

Once she'd recovered from giving birth to her last litter she went to White Cross Vets to be spayed and also had her eyes operated on to correct the eyelids and clean as much of the eye damage as possible.

Below is a picture of her a few days after surgery.

Amber the English Bulldog sitting by the fire

It was also apparent that she had some serious breathing problems, which unfortunately is very common amongst the flat faced breeds. She needed another major operation, this time on her nose and throat to widen her airways and help her breathe more easily.

Once again White Cross Vets stepped up to the challenge and performed the BOAS surgery on Amber, they also tweaked her eye surgery to improve them further. BOAS surgery is serious, as there is a very high chance of swelling and complications - fortunately like everything else Amber took this in her stride and recovered amazingly well.

Now fully recovered and loving life, the volunteers at Wings and Paws Rescue set about finding her the perfect home. She had so many applications but they knew the sort of home Amber needed... and they found it!

Here's Amber with her Foster Brother

Amber being walked by her new owner's son

Amber is now the spoilt princess she always should have been, and has settled into life with her new family so well.

Christmas in her foster home

Amber the English Bulldog sitting in Christmas wrapping paper

We have lots of animals waiting for their happily ever afters, take a look who's available right now.

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